Do you tire easily and opt out of certain activities?

Is your prosthesis uncomfortable in the groin area?

Do you feel like your prosthesis is just “along for the ride”?

Do you feel unstable or do you feel like you’re not in total control of your prosthesis?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you need to try the new, revolutionary socket design called the High-Fidelity Socket Interface (HiFi)! Optimus Prosthetics of Dayton, Ohio is the first prosthetic practice in the world licensed and certified by the inventor of the HiFi, Randall Alley, CEO and Chief Prosthetist of biodesigns, inc. of southern California.

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Q:  Who is the HiFi best suited for?
A:  The HiFi will improve your quality of life AND performance whether you are a household ambulator, community ambulator, or athlete.  AGE is not a factor!
Q:  Why can't my prosthetist provide me with the HiFi?
A:  The HiFi is a patent-pending design created by biodesigns, inc. of southern California and can only be provided by licensed companies such as Optimus Prosthetics who have been duly trained and certified to fit the HiFi.
Q:  If I am traveling by air OR have a significant drive to visit Optimus, is there an expedited process available?
A:  Absolutely.  We can collect information from you over the phone and, if you have access to the internet, one of our HiFi-certified prosthetists can provide you with the HiFi overview.  We can then schedule your visit to Optimus and the on-site process can usually be completed in 2 to 3 days.  Optimus – Dayton is located 5 miles from the Dayton International Airport (DAY) and only 1 mile from restaurants and hotels.  Optimus – Columbus is located just 20 minutes from the Port Columbus International Airport (CMH).


At Optimus Prosthetics, we’re always looking for ways to help our patients enjoy more active, comfortable lives. Our tireless dedication to patient well-being has led us to develop partnerships with global leaders in prosthetics technology innovation, including biodesigns, inc.—a high-performance prosthetic center located in Southern California that utilizes a clinical approach combined with state-of-the-art technology and techniques to create advanced interface designs and components. biodesigns created the advanced High-Fidelity Interface System (HiFi) that we proudly offer to our patients as an alternative to traditional transfemoral (above knee) socket interface products.

We are the first prosthetics facility in the world licensed to use the patent-pending HiFi Interface. This interface is an advanced biomechanical design that allows prosthetic wearers to enjoy enhanced limb control, greater stability, tactile feedback, and comfort. And it’s a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of prosthetics technology.

The HiFi is ideal for all, especially ambulatory patients with a transfemoral amputation whether limited household ambulators or athletes, because it delivers precise prosthetic control and optimal comfort. It is drastically different from traditional interfaces; featuring a design that optimizes soft tissue flow and applies localized, focused compression on the intrinsic bone. This enables more efficient prosthetic movement because the interface isn’t absorbing a significant amount of intrinsic skeletal motion before responding. In other words, less skeletal motion is wasted because the HiFi immediately captures and translates it into prosthetic limb movement. The HiFi also gives greater heat dissipation than traditional designs with a breathable, open construction that offers responsive support without generating excess heat which can lead to painful skin damage.

We have been using the HiFi since 2010 with great success and have helped multiple patients achieve new mobility and enhanced quality of life. And to ensure that we provide the maximum benefit for our patients, we continue to work closely with biodesigns, inc. to ensure that we are applying their revolutionary solution correctly.

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