Optimus Prosthetics is proud to offer the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System from Otto Bock®—the same manufacturer who brought us the proven C-Leg®. The Genium is a state-of-the-art prosthetic knee joint that’s controlled by an integrated microprocessor and sophisticated sensory system to mimic the user’s natural gait more closely than any other prosthetic knee has before. With its onboard gyroscope and accelerometer that constantly receive and process input from the physical environment (spatial position and speed), the Genium is the smartest prosthetic knee in the world—using the same technology as interactive video game systems and electronics to adjust to and optimize user motion, safety, and comfort. It’s an entirely new technology platform designed to react to changing situations quickly and with very precise responses.

The Genium prosthetic knee is water resistant, has a long battery life of five days per charge, and easily adapts to different levels of activity ranging from sitting and standing to navigating difficult terrain and participating in athletic and recreational pursuits. Genium users are able to move through life just as anyone else does; with the freedom to walk up and down stairs, move in any direction, and step over obstacles without limitation. And all with a natural, fluid motion and stability that inspires confidence.

User Benefits

Climb stairs—step over step
Advanced sensory inputs allow users to climb stairs step over step with more natural movements

Step over—not around—obstacles
Instead of having to swing the prosthetic leg around, users can step right over common obstacles like curbs with stability to spare

Walk in any direction
Walking in any direction is much more secure because Genium detects multidirectional movement and releases stance independent of body weight

Stand more easily
The Genium can tell when the user is standing and automatically resists further flexion with its Intuitive Stance Function; allowing for a natural distribution of body weight while standing—even on inclines and uneven surfaces

Sit more naturally
When a user sits for more than 2 seconds (with the thigh parallel to the ground and minimal weight on the leg) the Genium reduces resistance and takes a more natural position—it even switches to an energy-saving mode

Genium Specifications

  • Splash-water resistant
  • Five-day battery life for enhanced freedom and peace of mind
  • Greater user choice with five additional modes
  • Remote control that includes battery level monitor and step counter
  • Inductive charging without open charging ports
  • Rugged, built-in protector cap at the knee that adds protection helps avoid slipping
  • Knee angle up to 135 degrees for easier crouching and kneeling
  • Extended weight limit of up to 330 lb. (150 kg) for larger users or those who carry or lift heavy loads
  • A more compact size accommodates shorter users and those with longer residual limbs
  • Computer Assisted Alignment (CAA) calculates and visualizes the forces acting on the system and makes adjustments and component recommendations to help the prosthetist align the prosthesis more quickly during fitting

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