Limb loss is a devastating life event. In the beginning, there is uncertainty, questions, and even overwhelming grief. But coping with the situation becomes a little bit easier when you have the support and companionship of someone who has “been there”. There is meaning, purpose, and hope in the face of your struggles. Abundant Hope for Amputees is a peer visitor program of individuals who want to share their stories in order to help someone else in a similar situation. Successfully living with limb loss, these peer visitors are available to give support, education and encouragement to new amputees and their families.

“Being a part of the Peer Visitor team is important to me because finally I am able to give back to the community that has helped me for so long.  If it wasn’t for people referring me to the right hospitals and prosthetists, I would be lost.  Maybe now I can give direction to those who need some support just like I once needed.”  – Kendra Herber, Certified Peer Visitor

“When I was in the hospital after the accident and I became an amputee, I will never forget a man who stopped to see me.  He was an above knee amputee like me.  He gave me hope and that’s why I wanted to be a Peer Visitor…I want to help others find HOPE!” – Linda Lyons, Certified Peer Visitor

For More Information or to request a visit from an Amputee Coalition certified peer visitor, call:  937-454-6911

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