Optimus Academy exists to provide continuing education to therapists, physicians, and patients. Our purpose is to strengthen the team that has the privilege of working with patients who have undergone amputation surgery, as well as to help those patients become better informed and more confident about living with a prosthesis.

Continuing Education: Prosthetics for PTs and OTs

“The focus of the Optimus Academy is to take our continuing education efforts to the next level”, says John Brandt CPO LPO. “Our efforts that began in 2009 have proven to be so effective that we have been asked to provide prosthetic overview courses to surgical residents as well as therapy students for years to come.”

9109083Optimus Academy Quarterly Course Listing

  1. Amputation & Prosthetic Overview
  2. Lower-Limb Prosthetics:  Transtibial
  3. Lower-Limb Prosthetics:  Transfemoral
  4. Lower-Extremity Amputee/Prosthetic Evaluation & Outcomes Measures
  5. Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Training
  6. Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Analysis
  7. Upper-Limb Prosthetics
  8. Prosthetic Advances
  9. Partial Foot, Ankle/Knee/Hip Disarticulation, & Transpelvic Prosthetics
  10. Microprocessor Controlled Knees




Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation – PDF
Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation – FORM
Amputation Statistics – PDF
Understanding Vascular Disease – PDF

The Ertl Procedure
Amputation Statistics – PDF

Lower-Limb Prosthetics Exam
Lower-Limb Answer Key
Upper-Limb Prosthetics Exam
Upper-Limb Answer Key